Banquet Salon & Restaurant

Villilän Kartano

Banquet Salon

Wonderful atmospere with good taste

“In the old days, the days at the manor were full of work. Once a year, after the grain was harvested, a harvest festival was held. The hired workmen were allowed to take their wifes and children to the manor yard to celebrate the end of the harvest. They were given a quarter of a local bread called Kakko and some sausages to eat.”

Villilä Manor history

Villilä Manor has had many owners and its history is very rich and full of many twists and turns. The Manor used to be a cavalry farm in the 1450s. The current main building was built during the ownership of Law Speaker Kaarle Avellan in 1852. History reveals us how the many owners have lived and used the manor over the centuries and decades.

Hotel Verstas

As a partner in Villilä, Hotel Verstas is responsible for accommodation.