Villilä Manor

Compiled by Terja Wahlberg

Beginnings of Villilä Manor

Villilä Manor traces its origins back to the 1450s. A cottage was built in the place where the manor stands today. Later in the 1600s Villilä was merged into one large manor.

Villilä Manor has been owned by three families: the noble family Von Jordan and families Avellan and Pohjala-Grönlund.

Family von Jordan 1638–1788

In 1638 Villilä Manor was granted as a fiefdom to Mikael Von Jordan, Governor of Savonlinna, for his feats on the battlefield.
In 1788 Villilä Manor and its lands (2000 hectares) were sold to Kustaa Avellan, the Dean of the municipality of Kokemäki.

Family Avellan 1788–1888

The Avellan family owned Villilä Manor for a century.
The most famous of the Avellan family was Law Speaker Kaarle Fredrik Avellan, who was responsible for many important reforms in Nakkila, such as separating the municipality of Nakkila from Ulvila.
You may also know the well-known Nakkila rocking chair (nakkilalainen keinutuoli), which was brought by Kaarle Fredrik’s wife in her dowry.

The manor´s current empire-style main building was built at the time of family Avellan in 1852.

In 1888 the manor was sold to Maria and Frans Stefanus Pohjala.

Families Pohjala and Grönlund 1888–1971

In 1888 the manor was sold to Maria and Frans Stefanus Pohjala. Their daughter Emma and her husband Erik Grönlund became owners in 1909. They had an animal husbandry school which started to operate at Villilä Manor in 1905.
Edward died in 1932 and Emma started to take care of the manor with her son Lauri. Emma Grönlund died 1969.

Municipality of Nakkila 1971-1976

The municipality of Nakkila bought Villilä Manor and it´s lands and forests in 1971 (380 hectares).
Nakkila was not interested to own the buildings and they didn´t have money to repair them.
So, they sold Villilä Manor to a company called Nakkilan Konepaja in 1976.

Nakkilan Konepaja (Nakkila Works 1976-2002)

The municipality of Nakkila sold Villilä Manor to a company called Nakkilan Konepaja (Nakkila Works) in 1976.  Arvi Kivioja, managing director, decided that the manor should be repaired and modernized. Villilä Manor was used as a venue for training, conferences and social events for Nakkilan Konepaja.

The old barn was transformed to be a workshop where the company produced metal and steel products.

Oy Nakkilan Villilän Kartano and Villilän Kartanonrouvat Oy 2002-2017

Since 2002, Villilä Manor is owned by a real estate corporation, fully owned by Nakkila municipality. Villilä´s buildings and environment were fully renovated.

Today on the ground floor of the barn there is a film Studio and on the upper floor operates a school, Sataedu Nakkila (Satakunta Education Federation).

Villilä Manor´s main building and the accommodation building Villa Emma, the traditional sauna and the summer café were rented to Villilän Kartanonrouvat Oy in the autumn of 2003.

Villilan Kartano and kulttuurikeskus 2018-2020

Villilä Manor´s main building and accommodation building were rented to Villilän Kartano and Kulttuurikeskus Oy who operated for three years.

Nakkila storage and Kartanonrouvat Oy 2021-

Nakkila Storage rented the accommodation building and saunas. Kartanonrouvat Oy returned to take responsibility after some years and rented the main building.